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=ITC=yoy543 a posted Jun 24, 13

Maybe someday...(you finish the sentence)

What I've Been Up To

=ITC=yoy543 a posted May 31, 13
Well as you know i havent been on much lately. Well i have a really good excuse.

For the last few months i have been working on my youtube show called Blank@Blank.
Blank@Blank is a action sport show. So most of the videos are of me flinging myself down hills on skis or a mountain bike. But there are some gaming videos thrown in when the weather is bad.
Anyways , at the moment i am trying to build an audience. Right now all of my sport videos are getting on average about 30 views. Not alot but i'm not complaining, but i would like some more views at some point.

Anyways though making these videos takes up the free time i have when I'm not at work or shooting the videos. That means i don't have much time for gaming. So I need some members to step up and keep this place active while me or another admin isn't around. It is simple to do this. Just chat it up on the forums and play each other on steam or something.
I really need you guys to try what i am asking because if we don't do this stuff some of us lose the motivation to keep the clan going, and if we lose that motivation we will kill the clan. Yeah! Sounds harsh doesn't it. But sadly it is the cruel truth.
So please chat it up on the forums and just play some video games with each other. Or we will all have bad times.

Heres some of my videos. If you are into sports you'll like these videos. So if you do like these videos Like, Subcribe, and Share

April 15, 2013

=ITC=yoy543 a posted Apr 16, 13
If you guys haven't heard 2 bombs went off at the boston marathon yesterday killing 2 and injuring over one hundred people...All i can say about this is that we need to pray. "Pray without ceasing".
Erbehen It is terrible that such things happen. Unfortunately, it is merely one of many reminders that we live in a fallen world...

Sorry for the wait....

=ITC=yoy543 a posted Apr 2, 13
Hey ITCers! Sorry for the long wait for the next post. I myself have been extremely busy lately so sorry about that. But anyways just want to give you guys an update.
This month we aren't really doing anything. The same for next month to. But this summer we are going to be firing back up. I will be posting a video on the ITC youtube page explaining more about that soon.

Also, recruiting! We are looking for some people who can keep the clan goin while the admins and myself are not around. This is easy all you have to do is play games with other ITC members. That easy!

Also! (This is an ad) I have started a new series on youtube! Yes! It is called Blank@Blank. It is pretty much made up of my sports videos so if you like sports Sub me! My username is ITCyoy543.

ALSO! Subcribe to the ITCClan youtube and facebook page. In the summer we will be posting there more. So if you want info about events go there.

And the last thing. The bible study subject. We are thinking of starting those this summer so get connected with other members that we can do that.

Have a good spring break!
Hey ITCers! We finnaly did it.....yep! We got a facebook page. I personally don't know if i like facebook but we got a facebook page anyways. But anyways the page. The page is for the main reasons. Recruiting and the biggie COMMUNICATIONS. So if you have a facebook go on the ITC page and say hey whose up for a match...that simple. Before i go on i just want to say that we do need people to maintain the facebook page so if your interested in that just drop me a PM.
You guys may want a link to the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ItcChristianClan

Ok new subject. There is something i have wanted to start for a long time. And that is a bible study. It is just an idea for now but i would love to start a monthly ir weekly bible study for the clan. All we would do in these bible studies is assign a certain passage in the bible for us to read and then we would meet and discuss it. If you guys like that idea tell me because i think it would be great :D
Erbehen I agree on the Facebook thing, after hearing about what he (Mark) did to all his friends...I would say that it didn'...
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